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The salvation path – Our Greatest fear is unlived dreams


Like so many of you I was born and raised in the beginnings of the technological age. Where Christianity was discovered at youth groups, acquire the fire and Billy Graham crusades, summer camps or countless other places where good times and fun activities were had. It generally revolved around some sort of high or mountain top experience that came from a closeness or experience with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. It culminated in the form of a worship night where the person on the mic asked all those who wanted to come forward to accept Jesus into their lives, pray some form of the sinner’s prayer and be forgiven. Depending on what age range this occurred to you, you had a better or worse understanding of what this all meant.


Becoming a Christian seemed easy and for some the once a week youth group meetings fueled a desire to learn more about this Creator and who Jesus really was and what he symbolized and more importantly what He meant. For others it meant a return to normal life, there was always a different feeling at first but as time passed that slowly faded away until we were back to being normal, being ourselves before we experienced this encounter. We had the best intentions often times I would make lists of goals because I wanted the latest encounter to be different. I wanted to make a real change and really learn and experience this Christ whose name I claimed as being like when I told people I was a Christian.


My problem is I could never make the connection between calling myself a Christian and actually being Christ like. So every year or so I would have another encounter or mountain top experience with God whether at a camp, youth rally or short term mission trips but when I got back to normal life I could not find a way to relate my faith to school, sports and girls. This cycle continued until I hit the sex, drugs and rock and roll period of my life also known to lots of us as college. I probably hit this phase harder than some but to be honest it really does not matter at this point. There is an emptiness and loneliness that we all feel going through this stage which is the same feelings that some of us have now. We still have the sex with our spouses still drink on the weekends and grind our lives away at a job all week. Some of us have kids and/or houses which fill our time and responsibilities. It feels like most of us have lost our connection to God in a normal adjusted middle class American life. There is no great need for Him when all of our needs are met at a readily available basis. So then where do our feelings of loneliness, and chaos and confusion and anger come from? Do we still need the God of the bible in our 21st century America?


I believe we do. The best moments of my life, the times that I look back on with the most joy and happiness is experiencing those mountain top experiences, those highs or encounters with Jesus. The times where I felt drawn into Him and needed Him in order to fill me up. I still need Him, we all do. The problem is we have a generation of Christians who don’t know how to encounter God on a daily basis. We do not know how to make that connection between being Christ like and living our everyday normal life. My goal, hope and dream of this blog is to document my journey or challenge of learning to encounter God on a daily basis. It will be my stream of thoughts on what it actually looks like to be Christ like in our 21st century technology driven world. Because to be honest I do not think we have many very good examples of what this actually looks like. Our churches are at war with each other and at war with themselves. One of the biggest causes of why we are in the position that we are in is that churches started measuring their successes based on how much growth their church experienced each Sunday instead of by measuring the growth of the individual that sat in the pews each week. Little to no discipleship occurred as Christians fought abortion activists, gay marriage rights and many other battles the last 30 years. So with this blog I would like to start back at the beginning by studying Jesus and the things that he taught us that we can relate to this world that we live in. Going forward I would like to paint a portrait of what this may look like in this 21st century world.