This is essentially my life

pick things up quickly and then drop them. Move onto the next thing. constant cycle of repeat. For so long it was easier that way. My parents getting divorced is my first memory. Something that I realized very recently in how to describe that could be psychological abuse. Not like that really matters. the only thing I have ever wanted to do is move on. And that is about the only thing I have been unable to do. My curiosity just longs to know what happened. So I can finally accept the right parent and go on hating the wrong. That is my cynism getting the best of me. I wish I could just move on. So that it wouldnt matter who is right or wrong anymore. But for so long that is all that mattered. And for so long I have always had to pick a side. And never known what was the right side to pick. That has probably led me to live an entire life of regret so far. As I long for what might have been if I would have just made the other decision. Lived the other life. Said the other parent and moved away. It is hard being 7 years old and told you need to decide where you want to live. And you are choosing between the two people that are supposed to love and care for you.